Know how and research

In fact, when competing at the highest levels of sport, it often happens to try out prototypes of materials and this has made me understand how wearing garments designed to reach the top of performance is fundamental for achieving results in sport.


My whole line is customizable for your team. Your idea will be developed by our designers and applied to the product that’s right for you. Before production, a faithful 3D simulation will give you an idea of the finished work.


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A passion born as a child

I was born in Lucca and raised in Montecatini Terme, a land of cycling and great enthusiasts. My whole family, and in particular my father and my mother, were great fans of this sport and thanks to them I approached […]

My victories

In 1991 I won the Italian National Championship in Bergamo and this immediately catapulted me into the national team. In the following three years I graduated three times, World Cycling Champion 1992 in Athens (Greece) / 1993 in Perth (Australia) […]

Professional & High Quality Cycling Clothing

The pursuit of perfection even in choosing the technical materials to use has always been one of my priorities: for this I am selecting the best materials for my new line: keep following me!

You do not become a world champion 3 times by chance

Passion, sweat, renunciations, training: That’s why whoever chooses my suits will understand immediately how not to become 3 times World Champions by chance!